Lion Door Knocker – Add Class and Style to Your Home

A door knocker is an attachment on a door that assists visitors on the outside of a house to alert those inside the house of their presence. Door knockers are often used for decorations now. The lion door knocker is very stylish and popular. If you are looking to add nostalgia, charm and class to your door then this small functional, yet stylish knocker for your door is perfect for you.

You may want to check out the LK-44 front knocker made by the Stacks and Stacks Company. This elegant and refined door knocker is large,distinct and very daring as it measures 10″H x 6″W x 3.25″D. It is made out of hand polished brass, is very durable and easy to install. It costs between $140-$160. If you are looking for something of the standard lion head door knocker then you may want to look at the Cifial 711.101. It measures 4.5″ x 8.75″. It is available in 3 unique finishes which are the weathered look, satin nickel and PVD brass. This magnificent lion head may costs around $120.

There are also some low cost lion head knockers. For example, the 4″ brass lion head which only cost around $10, the 6″ brass lion head that costs around $17 and the 7″ counterpart is around $30. There are various finishes you can choose from. There is the polished brass, black powder coating, chrome plating and satin chrome plating models. The price range will differ a little depending on its size and finish.

Door knockers are decorative features that have been used for a long time. Over the years many styles have come and that created a diverse range of styles and designs to choose from. They were originally designed to be functional but are now used more as ornamental and decorative pieces.

The lion door knocker has always been popular in England. As times change and it has also become popular in many American homes. These knockers add a touch of old world charm. They are usually mounted on the door with screws from the back side of the door. If you are planning to add some class and interest to your front door, you may want to take a look at some classic knockers such as the lion. They are not just functional but it will also add style to your home.
To find the lion door knocker you’re looking for and to learn more about it’s history visit this great resource.